Nishant Kakar









I’m exceedingly passionate about Technology & Learning. I am very enthusiastic to use my internship experience and my in-depth project experience, to build products and services that would, while make a difference to the business word, will also be beneficial to the society.

Technical Skills

These are a few of my skills:


(701) 309-0935
  • Language Independent models of Political Inclination towards Presidential Candidates using Naïve Bayes, MEMs (Maximum Entropy Models) and SVMs (Support Vector Machines)

GGSIPU Result Analytics

  • Simplifies complexities associated with results for both students and faculties of the University
  • Developed application for Android and Windows Phone using PHP as back-end in a team of 3
Android app on Google Play Download from Windows Store

Online Treasure Hunt

  • Designed an online treasure hunt website and windows phone application that conducts treasure hunts round the year
  • Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, Facebook PHP SDK, Facebook JavaScript SDK
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  • Developed a customized payment portal for a travel company, Darpan Travels Pvt. Ltd. ((914) 730-0653)
  • The secure portal with separate integrations for Visa/MasterCard and American Express is developed using PHP

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern - Oracle

  • Health Science Global Business Unit
  • Upgrading the Tech Stack for Oracle InForm
  • Rewrote third party components in Native .NET
  • Scripted InstallShield Installers to customize installation

Intern - Air India

  • SMS Gateway Automation for PNR Status
  • Built a Java application that used existing Visual Basic APIs to handle PNR requests using multi-threading

Intern - Interra IT

  • Worked on a team project for developing an iPad Web App for Mazda, USA
  • Also resonsible for reducing the loading time of the app

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